Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage - This is a combination of techniques specially applied to free the body and the mind of stress. It is based on stretching, acupressure and yoga asanas that allow the alignment of the energies of the body by working on the lines Sen.

The Thai massage is an art of divine care that was practiced in the temples; It is one of the pillars of Traditional Thai Medicine that combines Yoga in India and digitopresion in China.
In this Initiation Workshop we will learn the basics of the Thai massage, focusing movements on the relaxation of the legs, the back and the cervical, since they are some of the points of muscular and emotional overload.

A massage that will not leave you indifferent.

Session lasts for an hour and a quarter where the patient receives the massage on a best mattress with comfortable clothes.

Pressure techniques with fingers and palms of the hand are used, stretching, torsion and oestopathic manipulation throughout the body. Starting with the foot, legs, lateral position, back, arms, cervical and head.

General massage is recommended for those who do not know it, since it helps you to discover more your body, seeing where lack of attention due to tension or lack of mobility. There is also the possibility to work more stressed or problematic areas with specific techniques of therapeutic yoga.

Important benefits:

     Recovery and mobility in the joints
     Relaxation and elimination of tensions
     Improves physical and mental balance
     Increase the vital force

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