Friday, August 16, 2019

Body Massage Service in Faridabad

Excellent, first class, dedicated focus in providing the best of the best in customized massage experience for your needs.

Four-hand massage

Two masseurs relax our body with a series of coordinated movements. As a result of the massage our vegetative nervous system calms down and gets balanced. Our breathing, heart rate slows down, the lumps in the muscles dissolve. It is the perfect choice for those who have a shorter time but want an intense relaxation, a special massage experience.

Relaxation massage neck / back / shoulder

Accumulated tension, lack of movement and high levels of exercise often cause muscle stiffness and pain in the upper body. This concentrated, powerful massage relieves our back from unpleasant physical pressure. Its effect literally takes the burden off our shoulders. You can choose dry, aromatherapy oil or herbal thai balm.

Foot massage

During the treatment, tired feet are refreshed with a multi-technique treatment of the soles and feet. The masseur exerts pressure on the reflexology points on the sole using the thumb or a wooden stick. Foot massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, regulates the work of hormone-producing glands, aids digestion and excretion.

Traditional Thai massage
The therapist does not use any oil or cream during the therapy. The treatment is done on comfortable mattresses on the ground. The masseur works on the zen lines / energy lines / outside the palms, fingers, knees, elbows and soles. Through a comfortable massage dress, you massage the acupressure points and gently stretch the muscles to rebalance the parts of the body and re-energize the stagnant energies.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular and popular types of massage in Faridabad. Unlike some oriental massages, it relies on direct physiological effects. A full-body oily treatment where the masseuse relieves tension and relieves muscle pain, using gentle or medium strength, continuous movements, primarily with the fingers or palms. It is a truly enjoyable, refreshing, relaxing massage.

Stress-relieving hot balmy thai massage

A special, unique version of traditional Thai massage. Full body massage that focuses on vigorous massaging of the neck / back / shoulder. With thai herbal balm with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Blend of East

It blends harmoniously with European and Eastern massage techniques. Intensive use of oil-lubricated elbows. A full body treatment that is recommended to our guests who prefer a more intense oily massage than traditional Swedish massage.

Head Massage

It effectively relieves stress and muscle headaches, and has a great effect on the circulatory system, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. It helps to relax tense shoulders of the shoulder, back, neck and head, relieves muscle stiffness in the body, relieves headaches and eye fatigue.

Thai hot herbal massage

The massage is done with a steamed pellet filled with 13 kinds of herbs, from which the outflow is warm and the active substance and the essential oil released from the herbs are more easily absorbed through the capillaries of the dilated skin. Herbal massage is very effective for muscle pain caused by excessive physical exertion. In addition to its soothing and muscle relaxing effects, it is beneficial for respiratory and digestive problems.

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